3-Phase A.C. Monitor M610  

3-Phase A.C. Current & Voltage Measurement
Three-line digital display
  simultaneously shows
  measurements of all 3 phases
Displays 15-minute averaged
  (bimetallic function)
Peak value storage and display
  (drag-pointer function)
Automatic sequencing of
  displayed parameters
User selectable standard current
  transformer ratios



In 3-phase A.C. power systems, typically four analog measuring instruments are used: three for phase currents, and one for voltage through a phase-selector switch. The M610 combines these measurement functions into a single compact instrument, which cyclically displays currents and voltages of all 3 phases simultaneously. This 96 x 96 panel-mounting instrument saves panel space and reduces wiring and assembly labor.

The M610 measures and displays line-neutral and line-line voltages. The instantaneous, 15-minute averaged, and peak values of the measured phase currents are displayed sequentially. The sequencing of displayed parameters is done either automatically or manually on demand. When the instrument is switched on, the same parameter is displayed as at the time it was switched off earlier. When stepping on to the next parameter display, the character "n" appears on the lower left of the display. If the "F" key-switch is kept pressed longer, after 2 seconds the character "r" is indicated and the display steps to the next sequenced parameter. Keeping the "F" key-switch pressed even longer, the character "c" is displayed and the peak and average values are re-set.

Standard current transformers can be connected directly to the M610, because the required shunts are already installed in the instrument. 35 standard current transformer ratios are pre-programmed




in the instrument, and any of these can be selected by the user.

To select the desired current transformer ratio, the "F" key-switch is kept pressed when the instrument is switched on. Keeping it pressed further causes the transformers ratios to be displayed, one after another. When the desired ratio is displayed, de-energisation of the M610 will cause that value of ratio to be set. This setting is stored in non-volatile memory, protected against power interruption. The phase currents are displayed as instantaneous and 15-minute averaged values, the latter being equivalent to the bimetallic function of analog meters.

The peak values of measurements are also stored and displayed, similar in function to drag-pointer type peak value registration in analog meters. The M610 derives its operating power from the voltage measuring inputs, thereby keeping instrument wiring to a minimum. For medium voltage systems, 100 V versions of the instrument are available, which display the primary side voltage, with appropriate scaling.


Measurement of line-neutral and
  line-line voltages
Measurement of individual phase
  currents through standard current
  transformers with 1A or 5A
Current transformer ratio user
  selectable from 35 pre-
  programmed standard ratios
Phase voltages and currents
  sequentially displayed:
  automatically at 10 second
  intervals, or manually
Large 3-line, 4-digit, 7-segment
  red LED digital display
Measurement mode indicated by
  LED annunciator lamps
Easy to install and operate
Plug-in spring clamp connectors
Compact: 65 mm depth
Peak value storage and display
  15-minute averaged
  (bimetallic function)
Reduces installation and wiring
DIN 43700 standard panel
  mounting enclosure

Technical Data / Overview 3-Phase Current & Voltage Measurement

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