F131 E-Stop Relay  

E-Stop Relay and Safety Gate Monitor
Stop category 0
Safety category 4
3 Safety contacts
2 Auxiliary contacts
2 Semiconductor outputs with
  with short circuit protection
6 diagnosis LEDs
Crossfault monitoring
Monitored or automatic reset
Tested for light curtain and safety
Removable terminal blocks

DIN En60204 Section 1/ VDE0113 Section 1 (11/98) prescribes that power circuits with a safety function must be specified as per Section 9.4.

Emergency-stop relay F131 fulfils this requirement – EN954-1 (3.97) – to the highest safety grade 4.

The F131 can be used as a safety guard monitor or as an E-stop relay in single- or dual-channel applications with- or without crossfault monitoring.

Reset is possible either via reset contact, monitored from the F131, or automatically via supply voltage. The diagnosis LEDs inform if there is: 1. supply voltage on A1-A2 2. activation of the reset-button 3. closed E-stop circuits 4. energised internal relays. Semiconductor output Y35 is active when the E-stop circuits are closed, Y32 is active when the internal relays are energised.

  Mode of Operation

The dual-channel operation shown in wiring examples 1 and 3 include crossfault monitoring between both E-stop circuits. That means in case of shorts between the E-stop circuits caused by safety mat activation or wiring mistakes, the F131 will break the contact. This will be effected by an electronic protection circuit in the safety relay.




During that short circuit all LEDs will go out and only the power LED will start flashing. After the safety mat is set free again or the cause of the malfunction has been eliminated, the F131 is ready for operation again.

The application with monitored start checks the start circuit (S33 / S34) and will only activate the F131 if there is a leading edge in this circuit. An activation with closed start circuit via resetting the E-stop button or energising with the supply voltage is not possible.

If wired for autostartfunction (X1-X2 as well as X3-X4 linked) the F131 will be activated automatically by the supply voltage if the E-stop circuits and the feedback loop (Y1-Y2) are closed.

In applications, where both E-stop circuits are not closed simultaneously, channel 2 has to be activated before channel 1 (e.g. safety gates).

If the inputs will be activated with external 24VDC, the negative pole has to be connected to S21 (Lightcurtain


application). The PNP semiconductor outputs may transfer the status of the F131 direct to a PLC input.

To control function of external contactors NC contacts have to be wired between Y1 and Y2 (feedback loop).

The relays have removable terminal blocks for easy installation.

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